Shadows in the Mist

Mere forms and shadows in the mist.

I tremble from the cold,

Reach out your hand to me,

It fits mine like a mold.


Do you wonder what will be?

I don’t; I have a mind

Preoccupied with the thoughts before

And mistakes for it to find.


But with you I find it quite at peace,

A world within a world.

A time to pass away my thoughts,

A way to grow old.


So stay dear friend; it’s like you know

An antidote to my woes.

Sweet medicines to heal my damned regrets

And raise me from my lows.

Must You Persist?

Must you persist?

I made it clear, so clear that we are parted;

Ruptured as a widening chasm

Strung between tectonic plates.


I need to walk this path alone;

No other human may define my time,

As your morals are warped, so flamed

And we are fractured again.


So you still persist.

Like I will come back to you when I am weak.

And sometimes I guess I could;

I am so very lonely – tortured soul.


But I will murder you, not by hand but by word,

As I murder myself repeatedly.

Not happy, never content,

Always ugly, never the best.


I part us now – it must be done.

I’m not yours; you’re not the one.

If I have to snap and slice apart,

I will do it – break your heart.

I had a Tale to Tell You

I had a tale to tell you of,

One of great implore;

Sinews of forgotten worlds

That tremble with folklore.


And I had some words to tell you thus;

Morals of delight

Puzzle pieces, missing, mixed

To guide you in your plight.


It spoke of castles and rotten queens,

Forests deep and dark.

And told of warlocks and magic things

And twisted roads embarked.


Cauldrons stirred with floating spoons

And poison dropped in drink.

Mountains high and caves of doom

Recorded in the ink.


Goblins, elves and dragons too,

Small sprites to bite your ears

And milky steeds on which to ride,

And travel far for years.


I had a story in my head,

One of make-believe,

Which I wished that I could tell,

As a web to weave.


But then again the words are lost;

For you are not a child.

And you do not need such stories of

This nonsense in the wild.


I know you will take your time,

Pave a path unique.

And do not need such rotten tales

To find the world you seek.

Entangled in the Mesh

So you’ll chase me to the other side,

Across the hills and seas.

You’ll always find me when I hide;

I cannot hope to flee.


You’ll dog me ’til the ends of Earth,

You’ll steal my rising sun,

You’ll blister all my tender wounds

Before my life’s begun.


You’ll hurt me with your twisted lies

Of who I was and am,

Memories of the blackened skies

Which swirled and spun and sang.


You are an empty shell of who

I once thought I’d be.

Who still has to now pursue,

Even though I flee.


Like a shadow, you follow, cling,

Like vultures to rancid flesh.

No respite from you I know,

Entangled in the mesh.


I can climb up mountains and dive down deep,

I can hide in deserts vast,

But still a careful watch you keep;

A deadly sting that lasts.


So all I can do is face you now,

My demon in the flesh,

My memory of the way I am

Entangled in the mesh.


Do I dare?

Do I dare imagine the renewed worlds?

Ones which reach and tremble pearls

And drip away my hungry mind

To go there and seek to find.


Did ever wonders stretch so deep?

I wish my world was mine to keep

And I had not been turned away,

Forever upset, unbound, delayed.


Do I dare imagine the dreams I have

Come true with all their glory past?

I wish as much for them and all,

But fear too they are moments gone.

I Stayed

I stayed in a room of yellow wallpaper

Where the feathery dust danced and sang

And my sorrow was lost in the flavourful eves

With trapdoors and fillets which dropped like a fang.


I stayed in a place of eternal damnation

The earth of the mighty, with dead and the few

And I stayed unabashed in bashful indignance

Of such drab and a cold, yet indelicate hue.


I stayed in a world which did not want me

I stayed there forever – my doleful unknown.

And I stayed to remember the deepest contingent

I had before I recognised my woe.


I stayed to beg the last of my life

And know I had tried as hard as I could

And I stayed because my mother would lose me

I’d break her, snapped like branches of wood.


Of Waterfalls

Feel the burn of sun on skin,

The rushing water pours

Down from the fresh heights above

Scattered over tors.


So you found this on your wanders, right?

You scurried from the path.

Took the steep, winding track


With click of heel and laugh.


As your soul follows to waterfalls

Your soul cascades in light

And somehow I know to follow you

And that your way is right