Entangled in the Mesh

So you’ll chase me to the other side,

Across the hills and seas.

You’ll always find me when I hide;

I cannot hope to flee.


You’ll dog me ’til the ends of Earth,

You’ll steal my rising sun,

You’ll blister all my tender wounds

Before my life’s begun.


You’ll hurt me with your twisted lies

Of who I was and am,

Memories of the blackened skies

Which swirled and spun and sang.


You are an empty shell of who

I once thought I’d be.

Who still has to now pursue,

Even though I flee.


Like a shadow, you follow, cling,

Like vultures to rancid flesh.

No respite from you I know,

Entangled in the mesh.


I can climb up mountains and dive down deep,

I can hide in deserts vast,

But still a careful watch you keep;

A deadly sting that lasts.


So all I can do is face you now,

My demon in the flesh,

My memory of the way I am

Entangled in the mesh.


Do I dare?

Do I dare imagine the renewed worlds?

Ones which reach and tremble pearls

And drip away my hungry mind

To go there and seek to find.


Did ever wonders stretch so deep?

I wish my world was mine to keep

And I had not been turned away,

Forever upset, unbound, delayed.


Do I dare imagine the dreams I have

Come true with all their glory past?

I wish as much for them and all,

But fear too they are moments gone.

I Stayed

I stayed in a room of yellow wallpaper

Where the feathery dust danced and sang

And my sorrow was lost in the flavourful eves

With trapdoors and fillets which dropped like a fang.


I stayed in a place of eternal damnation

The earth of the mighty, with dead and the few

And I stayed unabashed in bashful indignance

Of such drab and a cold, yet indelicate hue.


I stayed in a world which did not want me

I stayed there forever – my doleful unknown.

And I stayed to remember the deepest contingent

I had before I recognised my woe.


I stayed to beg the last of my life

And know I had tried as hard as I could

And I stayed because my mother would lose me

I’d break her, snapped like branches of wood.


Of Waterfalls

Feel the burn of sun on skin,

The rushing water pours

Down from the fresh heights above

Scattered over tors.


So you found this on your wanders, right?

You scurried from the path.

Took the steep, winding track


With click of heel and laugh.


As your soul follows to waterfalls

Your soul cascades in light

And somehow I know to follow you

And that your way is right


I awoke last night in fevered sweat,

I had had a funny dream

That my soul had ceased to exist

And was buried in the dirt.


Gasping for breath I blinked and swore;

After all I was alive,

Just in a strange bed is all;

Out amongst the world.


But for a moment I had faded;

Dove into the pool

Of deep and black oblivion,

Eternity of the ghost.


And how scared I was to then propose

That one day I would die

And leave all the mortal beings,

Trapped in their own well.


Some day my undying words may live

On when I am gone;

My faithful little messengers,

Like pigeons or dogs.


I stay, I stay in another form

Beyond the arid hell;

A destiny I feel of certain doom

When my being departs the Earth.

The Explorer

He wondered on, through the wood

Of springtime sun and dappled leaves,

Past where sturdy trees all stood

And vines of twisted flora weaves.


He wiped against his sweaty brow

And brushed away the dust;

Then stumbled over brackened ground

Pining with his lust.


Where was the fair maiden who

Made morning chorus sing,

And meadow flowers bloom in sun

As blackbirds took to wing?


And as the twisting stream ran free,

She’d brush her hand in cold;

Breathe in the scent of forget-me-nots

And flaunt her mane of gold.


He heard a tale from wiser men

That she was locked away;

Kept in a tower far from there

To pass her final days.


But he could not let her go;

He would wander all of Earth

To glance but one more sight of her

And feel his aching worth.

The Painter

My misted world is a pallet of paints,

glorious in it’s invention.

And their senses with colours I taint

To solve my equation.


I stare out bleakly; an infinite view;

I see horizon in distance.

And carefully I shade in those delicate hues,

Expressed by existence.


Let me blend together those colours and paint,

Mix and brush upon canvas,

Melding the beauty; the bold and the faint

Which resembles a surfaced Atlantis.


Blotches on hands as I spread the shades,

Outlines of towers and scenery,

Igniting the forests and delicate glades

With my personal, fleshy machinery.


What mimic I am to copy this scene,

Created so subtly in fractions

And strung together and bonded with glue

Which we all perceive as abstractions.


What if I’m a God to trick them so

With merely paper and paint,

Conjure an image which all of them know

As their life, their really, their saint.